Frenquently Asked Questions

Guarantees & warranties?

Each system is covered with a 30 year performance guarantee and 25 year workmanship defect warranty.  Each of our installers offer outstanding workmanship guarantees that protect your system and home!

Isn't solar expensive?

Solar Energy costs less than what you currently pay to rent your energy from your electricity provider.  In most cases we can eliminate your electricity costs entirely for a fraction of what you already pay! There is no down payment or initial costs and we work with some of the best financial institutions in the nation!

Why should i get solar?

For starters, you're already paying for it! You'll add value to your home, protect yourself from future rate increases, be eligible for a federal tax credit, you'll own your energy instead of renting it FOREVER.

The best part? You'll save money immediately!

Is there a referral bonus?

Solar Bound prides itself in providing one of the biggest referral programs in the nation.  We are confident that you will love your new system and working with us that you will tell your friends and neighbors! You can get paid just by helping your friends go solar! 

Do I need battery storage? 

A majority of our systems do not require battery storage.  If battery storage is something you would like to include with your system, we are one of the few companies that can help provide that. 

Does Solar Bound Install?

No. Solar Bound focuses on the consulting side of solar energy.  We work with some of the best installers in the country. We can provide you with the right product and company for your needs allowing us to put our efforts on the most important aspect, the homeowners.